Our Value Proposition

Who are we and what are we about?

Yes, we have the typical CPA Firm attributes: licensed, continual education to stay on top of new legislation, technology and tools our clients can use, professional, courteous, timely and accurate service, and taxes. A lot of taxes. But we see those attributes as base requirements, those that ALL CPA firms should have by their very nature. Our higher goal is to identify and discover the things that keep you up at night as well as the issues you didn’t even know you had, or should have. Then we help you do something about them. First and foremost, we are numbers geeks, in love with bookkeeping/accounting, deadlines, forms and numbers. We want to take that off your plate to leave you more time to do “what you do” including working on your business. Once we have the “history” under control it is time to guide you toward looking forward and taking control of your future. Within the development of these relationships and becoming your Trusted Professional, we measure our success in terms of your success.

Our mission is simple:

To provide Accountable Business Solutions by looking beyond past history, see through and beyond the numbers to create a strategy for our clients’ future, to facilitate and fuel Growth by Design, both personal and business.

CPA firms are traditionally very good at recording history and filling your tax compliance needs, and explaining where you have been. We want to move you outside the tradition by guiding your focus to more than just the bottom line tax effect of what has already transpired. While looking back at where you’ve been is an important tool, it is just a part of the total diagnostic tools we have in our toolbox. Getting to know your business through analysis and discovery is key to ensuring that you are strategically aligned with your future goals within an ever-changing business, tax and compliance landscape.

How do we do this?

If you are an individual embarking on a new life event or new path, or starting a new business, we want to be there with you at the very beginning to make your path smoother, planning ahead in a proactive manner rather than reactive to ensure your best strategic position.

If you or your business are already headed down a particular path but you have the feeling that things “could” be better or things are perhaps not what they should be, we can jump in at any stage and upgrade or streamline operations while creating efficiencies that will allow you to then move forward into future strategies. Perhaps on a personal level, you need to plan for your children education costs, or for retirement. Or you need to improve your business cash flow, understand and utilize better financial reporting, improve your profits, establish controls as your business grows or assist with any variety of other issues.

We offer packages to encompass as many of our services as you might require while providing you with responsive expertise.

Experience the new model of a CPA firm with us!

Fun fact:

Our favorite definition of an Accountant: noun [uh-koun-tnt]: Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. See also wizard, magician

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